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Standardization Suggestions

Please select the appropriate section or category when publishing content.

Each post should have a clear topic and substantial content.

Headings should be concise and general and avoid unnecessary embellishment.

Resource Specification

Resources must be released to resource center , issued after the success of the system will automatically create a thread to discuss the user.

Resource title Suggested form: Resource name - short description.

Select resource classification to ensure that resources are placed in the appropriate partition; Select the resource prefix to make it easier for users to find resources of the specified type.

Fill in the profile to give a brief introduction to the resource; Write the details of the resource in the resource description.

Resources need to fill in the version number, applicable platform, language and other default fields.

Violation of the above rules, the content may be temporarily or completely deleted by the administrator, the consequences of which should be your own responsibility.

Relevant explanation

The system will automatically create a discussion post in the corresponding section as the publisher after the resource is published.

Thread attachment maximum limit is 10M, resource file is 20M, more than this size will not be uploaded, it is recommended to use network disk or upload link to other platforms.

We support limited attachment extensions, if the file format is not supported it is recommended to compress the upload.