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LagChunkDetection - Boost Server Performance

LL LagChunkDetection - Boost Server Performance 1.0.0

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  1. 1.17
╰❥ Introduction
ミ The Problem:
If there is some chunk that over work on your server, maybe because of redstone, or massive amout of shulkerbox inside shulkerbox and so on, it will take a huge workload for the cpu to complete, and the whole server will be very laggy and unplayable. But, what if for somehow we are able to force these chunk unable to be loaded, than there is nothing will happen, and the server is still playable without any lag.
ミWhat this plugin does:
After each specific ticks, the plugin will scan all the players online, and if the chunktick of the server is higher than some value, it will start checking the player who's inside some lag chunk, and teleport them back to spawn point

╰❥The in-game commands
there is not much commands available at the moment, but in case you need to disable the plugin without stop the server you can use: /lcdset maxchunktick (number)
so if the chunk tick is not higher than (number), there's nothing will be trigger

❥The config file
maxFar: is how far a player have gone to be trigger, for example, if a player was in X coord of 0, and the next time, it is 129 and the chunktick is higher than maxChunkTick , that player will be considered as a source that cause lag, works the same for Z coord
❖ maxChunkTick: chunktick value that will trigger the plugin to find out who are in lag chunk and teleport them to spawn point, it is in ms/milisecond unit is the
checkTime_inTick: this is how many tick the plugin will make a scan again, it is in tick unit, 20 ticks = 1 second, 200 ticks = 10 second

spawnPos: type your spawn coord here, the default value is for my server, the player will be teleport here
spawnDim: the dimension that the player will be teleported, 0 is overworld
isDebugged: change the number 0 to other number like 1 2 3 will active the console message that will announce the chunktick after each checkTime_ inTick tick, you can use Trapdoor plugin to see the chunktick instead, it will only print when there is at least one player inside the server
the algorithm to check whether the player is inside a lag chunk or not is not quite accurate enough, i will improve it in the future
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