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JE插件 ajQueue——队列插件[BungeeCord] v1.6.2

Fixed sending unnecessary plugin messages to the client
  • Made the now-in-empty-queue message not send if empty
  • Allow /queue <player> <server> from console on the spigot side
  • Fixed action bar saying full when it should say restarting or offline
  • Replaced ajqueue.denyjoinfrom.<server> with ajqueue.joinfrom.<server> and a config option to enable it
  • Fixed the action bar saying restarting for {STATUS} when It shouldn't
  • Fix the action bar not saying the server is restarting when it's just full
  • Fixed a possible bug with the server priority
  • Added command to pause a queue (will not send players in queues) and an option to prevent players from joining paused queues
  • wait-time now supports decimals
  • Added the %ajqueue_queuedfor_<server>% placeholder for the spigot side that returns the number of players queued for <server>
  • added ajqueue.denyjoinfrom.<server> that prevents players from joining queues from <server>
  • added send-all-when-back-online to the config
  • Fixed a typo in the config
  • 现在,您可以从spigot(而不是bc)使用/move<player> <server>
  • 添加了指令/ ajqueue version