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    .NET插件 BombSquad - Cleaner Code.

    BombSquad Version: 1.0.0-Rev2 Update: Just a tiny update to optimise and clean the code.
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    资源 BombSquad

    Substicious 为资源 BombSquad 升级了新版本: Cleaner Code. 阅读此次升级的详细信息...
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    .NET插件 BombSquad 1.0.0-Rev2 (BDS 1.16.200)

    BombSquad Version: 1.0.0-Rev1 Are you becoming fed up with Grievers using explosive means to destroy your builds? Well no more as it is time for you to deploy the BombSquad to help maintain the peace from the explosive threats. The BombSquad will prevent the following explosions: TNT...
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    资源 BombSquad

    Substicious 提交新资源: BombSquad - Deploy the BombSquad to prevent Explosions destroying blocks. 阅读关于此资源更多信息...
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    讨论 [CSR]Custom Scoreboards

    Good Evening from the UK. I am new to the whole C# programming but I am looking to create a custom scoreboard system for the system I manage. The scoreboard needs to be unique to each player as I would like the scoreboard to display the player's'money','role/ job' etc. I am not sure how to go...
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    资源 超级基岩版开服整合包:js+csr+bdxcore+py+ipy+梦故+mcsm面板+qq控制机器人+附加开服工具

    I do have github, but if you would like to use google cloud then you can. My email is [email protected] to send the link to so you dont have it publically.
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    资源 超级基岩版开服整合包:js+csr+bdxcore+py+ipy+梦故+mcsm面板+qq控制机器人+附加开服工具

    Thank you very much Chsmallo18. I am happy to wait for this to be for-filled. Quick question; Would I be able to run this via WINE in linux? Thanks
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    资源 超级基岩版开服整合包:js+csr+bdxcore+py+ipy+梦故+mcsm面板+qq控制机器人+附加开服工具

    Hi, Is there any chance I could get a different link to download. You will see I have purchased this super server but I am from the United Kingdom and Unable to use the software to download as I cannot register nor understand the software language. Thanks